PIKO Broadcast Video Server

A Revolutionary Broadcast Video Server with Integrated  Animated Graphics capabilities..

Open, reliable, flexible (all formats, all codecs) and immediately ready to use.

Piko Server broadcast automatically video and graphics contents for satellite channels, cable head ends, over the Air Broadcasters and corporate TV users.

Due to its unique design and support of entry level multi-format video file platform, it is also suitable for Pay Tv Channels, corporate presentation, video wall sourcing , Web TV or other program distribution.

Piko Server offers SD/HD/2K/4K , PAL or NTSC video inputs and outputs, multi channels playback, multi langages audio playback, graphics and subtitles insertion.

Piko Server runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10 and use BlackMagic Decklink board. Video over IP is available too.

VDCP Available for PIKO VIDEO SERVER : Transform PIKO in controlled Broadcast Video Server.



Use IP (UDP, RTP, RTSP) as Live Input or video outputs For Video Server or Video Recorder. Encode to multiple bit rates and formats. Customize your presets. Record to multiple Destinations (Local, FTP, Amazon S3). Built-in integration with Amazon S3.




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+33 9 72 58 02 98

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